Do you need a technology partner you can count on for your ongoing success? In today’s technology-driven business world, it’s often just not possible for small to medium-sized businesses to hire the wide range of talents they require. Metamedia specializes in ongoing partnerships with our clients in which we dedicate our ideas, energy and our rich mix of specialties to the success of your enterprises.

We Provide Full-Spectrum IT Support

While we are happy to contribute to a single project or a one-off troubleshooting effort, we find that most of our clients count on us for a lot more.

Think of all the ways that technology touches your business – not just your web site and your laptop - but everything. Chances are clients have called upon Metamedia to provide services or to consult on just about all of them. This includes:

  • Public web sites
  • Intranets and internal productivity tools
  • Form/document management
  • Internal network/wireless infrastructure
  • External data/communication services
  • Hosting/domain services
  • Photography/video
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media/reputation management
  • Phone/PA systems
  • Privacy, security, and legal concerns

Some of our clients consider us to be all or part of their IT department. But instead of a single person with a handful of IT skills, we can contribute a whole team of specialists to deal with any technology issues that may arise.

We Treat Your Business Like Our Own

Metamedia not only has the depth of expertise to provide answers to a wide range of technology questions, we have the depth of concern about your business to do so thoroughly and conscientiously.

In fact, our clients don’t just count on us to answer their IT questions and solve their problems, they also count on us to anticipate their needs and help them avoid problems.

While it may not be something most companies look for in an IT consultant, Metamedia prides itself on building a deep understanding of client businesses – their markets, their processes, their opportunities. That way we can match our clients with solutions they may have never considered that can make them more efficient and expand their capabilities.

We Provide Highest-Level Service

Chances are your business doesn’t just run nine to five on weekdays, so neither does ours.

Metamedia strives to provide a level of service equal or better than you might count on your own employees to provide.

Some of our clients are themselves in the business of providing premium service, so they count on us to go the extra mile as well. This means:

  • Quick responses to client needs
  • Polite and gracious communication with third parties
  • Occasional off-hours work and extended work days/weeks
  • Stepping out of our “comfort zones” and learning new skills and capabilities when needed

When it needs to be done, we see that it gets done and we endeavor to do it as well as it can be done.

Tricks, Games, and Stress Are Not Part of Our Service Offerings We are sometimes amazed by the frustrations our clients have had with the business practices of other IT companies. Our philosophy is that we can make ourselves an essential part of your business strategy by providing a class and level of service you can’t get anywhere else, not by holding on to clients by artificial means.

Working with Metamedia is easy. You pay for the hours of service we provide and that’s it. We don’t try to lock you in to using our services and we don’t bill you for extras beyond actual cost of agreed-upon expenses. We will not hold hostage the essential business assets you have trusted us to work on with you. You are always in control.

This means:

  • You retain the rights to continue to use any software we develop for you.
  • Your software and your data are your own – to move, to use however you want.
  • Hosting and network service agreements are between you and the third parties that provide them.
  • Metamedia does not charge any mark-up on software or services obtained from third parties.
  • Metamedia will not keep secrets from you concerning your own IT solutions, such as hosting account passwords or merchant account information.
  • We will always co-manage the effort with you – you are always free to postpone, slow down, or discontinue projects.

If this all sounds like just good business and common sense to you - well, it does to us too. It’s a shame we have to say it, but we don’t engage in the questionable practices some other companies do.