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When your customers need a higher level of care, you need a CRM solution that fits your business perfectly.

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The client is a small, up-scale substance abuse and mental health treatment facility. Its customers have serious needs and highest expectations.

Project Profile

This system handles business leads from first contact to admission to the facility. Being on the Admissions Team is a delicate balance between providing help and closing sales. They are available 24/7, and the people who call are often in distress. The team must have the support of a quality CRM system anytime and anywhere that provides the information and tools it needs.

  • Because this facility serves a very narrow market and the cost is significant, each lead is extremely valuable. None can be lost. All must be followed-up.
  • It often takes many follow-ups, sometimes spanning months or even years. But when contacts call, the complete history of the lead must be readily accessible.
  • Providing the expected level of service involves ensuring continuity – letting the client work with the same admissions counselor for every touch whenever possible.
  • Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the data, it must be tightly controlled. For this client, this means housing it on a secure server within its facilities – not using an external service.
  • A complete history and audit trail must be kept on all leads.
  • More than just a database, the system must guide workflow and help people plan activities and manage priorities.


Metamedia’s MM_Touch CRM application was custom-tailored to fit the needs of this project. MM_Touch is a proprietary application written in PHP using open source frameworks and tools. While the data structures and base functionality of the application are much like other full-featured CRM solutions, the features and interface of the application were built around the organization’s tried and tested business processes – instead of trying to shoehorn those processes into an off-the-shelf package.



Opportunity Centered

In this system, a “lead” is a business opportunity, not a person. There can be multiple “contacts” associated with a lead and the relationship of each can be noted.


Contacts can have unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and URLs. Preferred contact methods can be selected, and individual phone numbers and emails can be opted out.


Each contact with a customer (call, email, mailing, text message, etc.) can be recorded as an activity and associated with the lead, providing a complete history of the lead.


Activities can be scheduled for the future, allowing users to set up follow-ups or to task other users to send information.


Activities can be viewed as a “work list”, but they can also be displayed on daily, weekly and monthly calendars. New activities can be easily scheduled in calendar views.


MM_Touch reminds users of upcoming and past-due activities using audio and visual alerts and via reminder emails. Activity reminders pop up with an audible chime, even between page requests.

Web Form Integration

MM_Touch provides an interface for web-based information request forms, so leads can post directly to the system from web sites or landing pages.

Phone System Integration

A custom switchboard interface automatically looks up callers in the system when the phone rings so office personnel know to whom the call should be forwarded. New leads will be automatically created for new callers. Calls related to an existing lead will be automatically logged as activities associated with that lead.


MM_Touch provides email notifications for a configurable set of events, including new lead creation, activity assignment, status changes and lead expiration.


MM_Touch provides a variety of reports. Users can choose reporting options and generate reports from within the application. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are sent out to users via email.


MM_Touch provides detailed search of leads, contacts and activities, as well as a cross-application search with “fuzzy” search capability.

User Authentication

Allows for tight security of user accounts with full account management features, such as self-serve password change, password recovery and profile editing.

Role Based Security

A granular permissions structure combined with support for user groups allows for easy control of users’ access to application data and features.

Audit Trail

Every important change to the data is logged, and this information is easily available to users with appropriate permission settings. An unobtrusive control on every record detail screen can be activated to display the audit log for that item.