Christopher Gray

Christopher has been designing products and their user interfaces for over 15 years. His extensive print, stage, fine arts and interactive design experience is tempered by his technical background as a Macintosh system administrator. He is an uncommon balance between art and science, soft and hard skills: a geek artist. A user of graphical interfaces since 1984, he brings common sense and logical intensity to break complex systems into understandable contexts. Chris has extensive experience developing embedded and consumer applications.


Paul Mozingo

Paul’s wide-ranging career has included just about every discipline in enterprise-level software development, including graphic arts, business analysis, UI design, programming, technical architecture and project management. He has worked in Fortune 100 consulting services, internal corporate product management and small-scale interactive development. A man for any project, he has built enterprise portals for national banks as well as small e-commerce sites for specialty retailers. This breadth of experience allows him to talk shop with people about their visions and still work through all the details involved in making them a reality.