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Web Deployed Software Is Much More Than Just A Web Site

Most web site companies originate from a marketing background and treat web site development as they might a one-off brochure. Brochures are static documents: rarely modified, extended or deep, and this approach leads to sites which cannot be extended, easily modified, and require re-invention for modest changes. Web sites are frequently modified, have a longer life span contain massive amounts of information, and so are more akin to software than print media.

These days, if a business' web site is the equivalent of a brochure, its probably not working nearly hard enough. If there is a business process involving communication with anyone outside the building, there is probably a way that the web site can facilitate that process - by providing forms, reports, order status, registration, forums, social communities or other countless tools that streamline interaction, build loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

Web sites have also become the platform for inward facing applications. If there is a business process which needs to be managed, it can deployed centrally and made available globally to your staff, supply chain, and partners - by providing inventory and order management, reporting, customer relationship management, HR functions, or other countless tools that automate workflow, improve communication and facilitate business operations.

We approach web sites as software, leveraging open source content management frameworks so we can concentrate on content and unique features rather than reinvent the wheel. We track tickets, use version control, and follow best practices as we do for all our software projects.

Some of our clients have had multiple, failed development efforts with other programming companies because the project was managed using the traditional waterfall method. We use an agile, rapid iteration method so you see structure and content forming before your eyes. This facilitates a cooperative development relationship between us and your staff, designers, and marketing group, so we can hone your applications to your needs.

Our experience in web deployed applications allow your business to extend your site to globally deploy software in the browsers of your customers, associates and staff.

Some examples of our work:

  • A psychological services retreat which caters to specific, upscale clientele.
  • An aviation maintainence equipment manufacturer which needed better means to find and support customers.
  • A commercial trade bindery which provides warehousing, fulfillment, and rebate services.
  • A performance horse stable which required software to manage operations, which dynamically generates the public facing web site.