Is Technology a “Problem Employee” in Your Company?

Many small to medium-sized businesses have a relationship with their technology solutions much like that of a problem employee. They are not working out, but the business can’t run without them. Metamedia can help.

  • Do your technology solutions seem to cost you more in frustration and maintenance than they contribute to your business?
  • Are they just not performing the tasks that you need them to?
  • Are they refusing to adapt and grow with your business?
  • Do you wish you could fire them, but can’t because of your dependencies on them?

Businesses of any size can’t function and compete today without IT systems, but there is a great risk of them becoming a burden.

  • There are so many solutions available that it is impossible to evaluate them all, yet when you choose one it never seems to be a good fit for your needs
  • Licensing and development costs for the solutions you need can be out of reach and licensing terms and charges can be confusing
  • Technologies and platforms are constantly evolving, shifting and dying off
  • Viruses, spyware and cybercrime make security and maintenance ongoing considerations

It is little wonder that many businesses find themselves dedicating more time and money to their IT systems than they can actually afford.

The good news is, there really are “good workers” available among technology solutions. The open source software community has pooled its immense talents to fill the need for effective, full-featured and customizable solutions affordable to small and medium-sized businesses.

There are powerful and sophisticated platforms, tools and applications that are available for little to no licensing cost. And best of all, they can be extended and custom-tailored to support your specific business processes.

Metamedia specializes in working with you to identify and prioritize your business’ specific IT needs. We draw on our extensive background in available options to recommend an appropriate solution and help you get started with it.

Then, most importantly, we become a partner to you in your business, helping you to continually refine, update and expand the solution as needed. This iterative approach speeds up the release of highest priority functions and ensures that your IT systems continuously evolve to support your business’ growing and changing needs and don’t break down or become bottlenecks.

What’s more, if you are interested, Metamedia’s sister company, HappyMac, can assist you in evaluating, building or supporting a secure and reliable IT infrastructure, with special expertise in Apple Computer systems, servers and software.

Let us help make technology a “good employee” in your company. We can implement stable, cost-effective solutions that will allow you to focus on taking care of your business instead of managing your problem IT systems.