Project Showcase

This showcase includes a range of successful projects that illustrate Metamedia’s approach of designing solutions around clients’ unique business needs and business processes.

Full-Contact Web Sites

If there is a way your business interacts with the public, there is a way your web site can help facilitate that interaction.

The day of the brochure-ware web site is over. If people need to conduct some business with you, they probably expect to be able to do it online. And when they do, chances are it is less costly for you and more satisfying for them.

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Custom Social Network

A Private Social Network

A client wanted a safe, private place where their alumae could continue to build on their friendships, and share their ideas and struggles with each other in a completely confidential manner.

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Keeping Track of Boxes

A client asked for a solution that could “keep track of a few boxes”. With Metamedia’s help they are now keeping track of a whole lot of boxes.

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Rebate Management

"We'll Just Use Excel to Manage Our Rebate Program"

A client asked us how we "might quickly process tens of thousand of rebate claims". This has grown into a major service offering, processing and fulfilling over 100K claims annually.

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